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Family Books 

There are lots of books and resources now available to help parents explain to their children how they were made, their family structures and about same-sex families.


Here is a great list of books to check out for all ages.


We have also provided a list of books in the specific categories below, click on the book below for the link:-

Donor conceived children

  1. The Pea That Was Me

  2. Your Family: A Donor Kid's Story

  3. The Family Book

  4. What Makes A Baby

  5. Extra!

  6. Making Violet: A Sperm Donor Story

  7. Why Don't I Have a Daddy?: A Story of Donor Conception

  8. Little Treasure

  9. Mummy's journey: - a kind of fairy tale

  10. Hope & Rosie Have a Baby: The Gift of Family

  11. You Were Made for Me

  12. Zak's Safari: A Story About Donor-Conceived Kids of Two-Mom Families

  13. You Are My Wish Come True

  14. Ready-made Sweetie: All mixed up

  15. How We Became a Family: Sperm Donor

  16. All You Need is Love: Celebrating Families of All Shapes and Sizes

  17. You were meant to be!


Egg & Embryo Donation

  1. Treasure Babies: How two under-the-sea families came to be

  2. And Tango Makes Three

  3. A tiny itsy bitsy gift of life, an egg donor story

  4. Before You Were Born...Our Wish For A Baby

  5. Training Wheels; How Did I Get Here?

  6. The Pea That Was Me

  7. Ready-made Sweetie: All mixed up

  8. The Extra Button

  9. The Chicken Who Couldn't Lay Eggs

  10. A Gift for Little Tree


Two Mummies

  1. Mummy and Mumma Get Married

  2. How Mummy and Mama Made You: Conceived at Home

  3. Me, Mummy & Mum 

  4. Heather Has Two Mummies 

  5. My Two Mums

  6. Enid and Her Two Mums

  7. The New Goldilocks and the Three Bears: Mama Bear, Mommy Bear, and Baby Bear

  8. Mommy Mama And Me

  9. Why Do I Have Two Mums? Asks Byron: All Families Are Special...

  10. My 2 Mums & Me

  11. My Two Moms And Me

  12. Tale of Two Mommies

  13. Two Moms Are Better Than One

  14. In Our Mothers' House

  15. Plenty of Hugs

  16. Felicia's Favorite Story

  17. Our Mummies and Us Go Camping

  18. Betty's ABC's

  19. Why Do I Have Two Mommies?: A Journey in Self Discovery

  20. My Two Mommies 

  21. Lena has two Moms 

  22. Mommy's Getting Married: Wedding Day Activity Book

  23. Two Moms

  24. Two Moms Are Better Than One: There is a Monster in my Room

  25. Mom and Mommy Tuck Me In!: A book for bedtime

  26. Loved By Two

  27. Love Around the World

  28. Emily's First Pet

  29. The Different Dragon

  30. Mom and Mum are Getting Married

  31. Your Mommies Love You!: A Rhyming Picture Book for Children of Lesbian Parents

  32. Two Moms and a Menagerie

  33. Ryan's Mom is Tall

  34. Charlie and the Missing Hat

  35. Molly's Family

  36. Donovan's Big Day

  37. Everywhere Babies

  38. Keesha & Her Two Moms Go Swimming

  39. My First White Christmas With Mummy and Mama

  40. Mommy and Mama Albatross

  41. Mom and Mommy Love Every Part of Me!: A book about learning the names of body parts.

  42. The Child in the Mama's Hearts: A Story of Assisted Reproductive Technology Births for Families with Two Mothers


Single parent families


  1. Our Story

  2. Super Ma! (One Love Stories)

  3. Just The Two Of Us


Same-sex families

  1. Love Makes a Family

  2. The Family Book

  3. What Makes A Baby

  4. The Great Big Book of Families

  5. Pride: The Story of Harvey Milk and the Rainbow Flag

  6. It's Okay To Be Different

  7. How You Were Born

  8. ABC A Family Alphabet Book

  9. Who's in a Family?

  10. The GayBCs

  11. All You Need Is Love: The Great Explanation

  12. Celebrating Families: LGBT Families

  13. All Ways Family

  14. This Is My Family: A First Look at Same-Sex Parents

  15. The Umbilical Family: Start a loving conversation about Adoption, Egg Donation, Step-parenting, Same Sex Parenting, and more.

  16. Rainbow: A First Book of Pride

  17. A Family Just Like Mine

  18. Same but different Too: The Colourful Life

  19. Families Families Families

  20. Under Our Roof

  21. Bedtime Rainbows: Stories Of LGBTQ Families For Younger Children

  22. Families Everywhere

  23. Super Ma! (One Love Stories)

  24. My Family and Yours 

  25. Love Is A Family

  26. This Day in June

  27. Elmer

  28. Families, Families, Families!

  29. My Mixed-Up Berry Blue Summer

  30. We Are Family



  1. Meeting My Brother

  2. I've Got Dibs!: A Donor Sibling Story

  3. The Other F-Word: A Novel


Wedding Books & Magazines

  1. Dancing with her

  2. Mrs and Mrs Guest Book: Wedding keepsake for family and friends to write in

  3. Lesbian wedding books

  4. The Essential Guide to Gay and Lesbian Weddings

  5. Love Inc.

  6. Modern Brides & Modern Grooms: A Guide to Planning Straight, Gay, and Other Nontraditional Twenty-First-Century Weddings 

  7. Here Come The Brides: Kids Wedding Day Activity Book Draw, Color In & Puzzles

  8. The Lesbian Couple's Guide to Wedding Planning: Everything You Need to Know About Planning Your Dream Wedding

  9. Mommy's Getting Married: Wedding Day Activity Book

  10. Mommy, Mom and Me: The Big Wedding

  11. Modern Brides & Modern Grooms: A Guide to Planning Straight, Gay, and Other Nontraditional Twenty-First-Century Weddings 


Wedding Directory


  1. Austalian Same-Sex Wedding Directory

  2. Equally Wed

  3. One Love Wedding Directory

  4. Same Sex Wedding Guide

  5. Equality Weddings

Pregnancy books

  1. Ttc Journal: Lined Notebook for Documenting Your Ttc Journey

  2. Ivf Journal: Lined Journal for Documenting Your Ivf Journey

  3. Gay Girls Pregnancy Journal

  4. Pregnancy Journal For All Types Of Family

  5. My Miserable, Lonely, Lesbian Pregnancy

  6. The Ultimate Guide to Pregnancy for Lesbians

  7. Lesbian Sperm Tales

  8. Lesbian Pregnancy Journal: Composition Notebook Memory Book Diary

  9. The Essential Guide to Lesbian Conception, Pregnancy, and Birth

  10. The New Essential Guide to Lesbian Conception, Pregnancy, and Birth

  11. Pregnant Butch: Nine Long Months Spent in Drag

  12. The Birth Partner

  13. She and She Expecting! Pregnancy Journal for Lovely Lesbian Couples

  14. The Best Ever Book of Baby Names for Lesbians

  15. Lesbian Pregnancy On A Budget - Two Moms' Tale Of Having A Baby

  16. Gay Parenting: Complete Guide for Same-Sex Families

Baby books

  1. Mushybooks Baby Books

  2. Rainbow Baby Book: Same Sex Parents

  3. Mommy and Me - Baby Memory Book, Single Parent

  4. Baby, It's You! (Baby Memory Book): Modern Baby Journal Record Book for Parents (Moms and Dads, Gay and Lesbian and Single Mothers Pregnancy Gift) 

  5. Our First Story

  6. The Monochrome Baby Book | Rainbow Family Edition

  7. My Beautiful Miracle (First Year Baby Memory Book)

  8. Etsy - Same sex baby books

  9. Baby Sakes - LGBT

  10. Same Sex Family Baby Memory Book

  11. Along Came a Baby Keepsake Book

  12. Rag & Bone - Baby's First Book

  13. Your Amazing Memories, Growing up book for all types of family

  14. Guest Book: Rainbow LGBT Pride Flag Colors Sign In Guest Book, Keepsake Memory Journal and Gift Log for Pride Month Events, Bridal Showers and Wedding Parties, Space For Names and Wishes

Lesbian parenting

  1. And Baby Makes More: Known Donors, Queer Parents, and Our Unexpected Families

  2. A Donor Insemination Guide: Written by and for Lesbian Women

  3. Confessions of the Other Mother: Non-Biological Lesbian Moms Tell All

  4. Double Pregnant: Two Lesbians Make a Family

  5. Journey to Same-Sex Parenthood: Firsthand Advice, Tips and Stories from Lesbian and Gay Couples

  6. Subversive Motherhood: Orgasmic brith, gender queer parenting, papas, trans parenting, Gynepunk

  7. She Looks Just Like You: A Memoir of (Nonbiological Lesbian) Motherhood

  8. The Lesbian Parenting Book: A Guide to Creating Families and Raising Children

  9. The Other Mother: A wickedly honest parenting tale for every kind of family

  10. It's a Family Affair: The Complete Lesbian Parenting Book

  11. Turkey

  12. Pride and Joy: A guide for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans parents

  13. Mommies, Daddies, Donors, Surrogates: Answering Tough Questions and Building Strong Families 

  14. My Two Moms: Lessons of Love, Strength, and What Makes a Family

  15. For Lesbian Parents: Your Guide to Helping Your Family Grow Up Happy, Healthy, and Proud

  16. Waiting in the Wings: Portrait of a Queer Motherhood

  17. Lesbian Motherhood: Stories of Becoming


Separation & Divorce

  1. Ruby's Voice: Supporting LGBTQ Families Through Separation and Divorce

Note to readers: This information is intended as a guide to the law and should not be used as a substitute for legal advice. While every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained here is as up to date and accurate as possible, the law is complex and constantly changing (particularly relating to same-sex parenting) and readers are advised to seek legal advice in relation to their situation.

If you need legal advice, please contact Nicole Evans from Nicole Evans Lawyers at

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