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Donor siblings

DONOR siblings are children who are gentically related through the same sperm donor and are often referred to as 'diblings'. 


There is a growing movement of donors wanting to connect with their offspring and with donor conceived children wanting to connecting with other donor siblings.




There are a number of Facebook groups that have been established to connect donor siblings such as:

1.   Donor Families Australia (closed group)

2.   Xytex Offspring & Donors (closed group)

3.   Donor and Recipients Group Australia (closed group)


Some donors and parents and diblings even create their own closed Facebook groups for the parents and diblings to communicate with each other and sometimes also with the donor.

Donor sibling websites

There are many websites to assist in connecting donors with siblings such as:

1.   The Donor Sibling Registry



4.   IVF Australia Donor Siblinks


6.   Xyconnects through Xytex

7.   23andMe

There are also websites helping donors provide information to their donor conceived children such as:

1.   The Legacy Project

The Donor Legacy Project aims to provide resources that can assist donors to create and submit information to a Voluntary Register for any potential offspring that may not get a chance to meet the donor.  

Some other websites discussing donor conceived children are:

1.   We are Donor Conceived

2.   Varta - Donor siblings

3.   Sperm Donor Siblings - The Growing Movement to Unite Genetic Families

Note to readers: This information is intended as a guide to the law and should not be used as a substitute for legal advice. While every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained here is as up to date and accurate as possible, the law is complex and constantly changing (particularly relating to same-sex parenting) and readers are advised to seek legal advice in relation to their situation.


If you need legal advice, please contact Nicole Evans from Nicole Evans Lawyers at

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